Company Profile: Jennic Insurance Services

Phil Romoli established Jennic Insurance Services in 1989.  He has grown a robust practice  and built a sustaining sole proprietorship on the belief that the care of others leads to success.   Over the years he has served individuals, families and small businesses with a full range of products that include health benefit, life insurance, annuities and long term care.

Mr. Romoli became an insurance agent in 1986 where he joined Lebherz Insurance located in San Mateo, CA.  Prior to this he worked in the financial services sector for Reynolds Security and Apache Oil.  His career in sales was forged at Shell Oil which he joined immediately after graduating college and where he began to shape his commitment to offer only customer-focused solutions for the balance of his career. 

As a sole practitioner Mr. Romoli is hands-on in identifying insurance solutions that best fit the needs of his customers.  He serves small businesses that range in size from two to fifty.   His individual clients include independent consultants, families, aging parents and even college students.

Mr. Romoli partners with a wide range of providers.  His clients receive the benefit of his deep knowledge and long-term relationship with notable policy holders.  His long-term experience offers his clients timely advice and clarity.  He knows who to call and when to call for you. 

Mr. Romoli's commitment to support others is reflected in the name of his practice, Jennic, named in honor of his daughters,  Nicole and Jenna.  He is a long-time resident of Foster City, CA and an active Rotarian.  Following his years as a quarterback for CSUN, Mr. Romoli continues to participate in sports.  When he's not on the phone with his clients he is at the golf range or on the course.